Get Off My Lawn

Chasing Away Gnomes Since Eighteen Sixty-Four

Welcome to the lawn, fellow senior discount card holder! Whether you're confused by these new-fangled computer boxes, or an old hand at pwning the youngins', we're glad to have you around the home. While you sit a spell and enjoy the complementary Seafoam salad and Harvey Wallbangers, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with both our guild charter and cruise disembark procedures in the event of an emergency.

(Please note that due to our senility, we do not accept names that include ASCII characters. If you really want to be in our guild and have a name with dangly bits, a GM petition will allow for a free name change. Just state that your guild still adheres to the original ToS rules regarding name violations.)


While your years don't necessarily dictate your maturity, our minimum age of 25 has allowed us to maintain a good vibe within our community with minimal drama and effort. Have we ever made an exception? Yes, but in our 6+ years, we can count the successes on one hand. Additionally, trying to sneak in under the radar doesn't serve anyone. If you don't much enjoy hanging out with your parents and grandparents because they're old and boring, then you're just going to get more of the same here.

Zero Drama

We're entirely too cranky to put up with soap operas in our down time. We have families, kids, jobs, businesses and a thousand other real life stressors, so unnecessary drama is not going to be well received. Goml is an incredibly supportive community, but when its obvious that someone is just out for negative attention, removal from the guild is swift. If you find yourself unable to handle an issue with a fellow member, the officers are always available and willing to help, just ask!

A Sense of Humor is a Must!

Goml abides by a standard tolerance policy where everyone is welcomed regardless of their real life choices and affiliations. With that said, we also have members from many different generations who may not be aware of how their word choices may affect others. Discriminatory hatred will result in termination of membership. We expect that for as understanding and accepting as you may ask others to be of your lifestyle, that you similarly respect and welcome the vast types of personalities you may encounter while here. It is doubtful that you'll love 100% of the people here due to our diversity, but we do require respect for all of our members. For this reason, discussions of politics or religion are not welcome in public forums, groups or chat channels as they tend to make people act stupidly.

Goml is Not a Raiding Guild

In the strictest sense, Get Off My Lawn is a social guild of mature adults. Does this mean that we sit around major cities and trade brownie recipes all night? Sometimes. Other nights, we do end game content just like most other guilds. The difference is that the quest for pixels is never a driving force for our forays into content. In fact, we manage to kill each other in a fit of senile glee as often as raid bosses stomp us flat. We raid, pvp, quest, group, etc all for the joy of spending time with our senior buds. If you're looking for the rat race of loot, there are many other guilds out there that would provide a better match. (Hint: they will have words in their name such as 'dark' 'epic' 'blood' 'Spartan' lawlz' 'elite', or just generally sound emo and/or unnecessarily ferocious.)

Self Reliance

While Goml members are exceptionally kind and generous, we also know well the value and lessons inherit with hard work (so no begging!). If you need help with a tough quest, by all means ask for help in gchat, yet please also be prepared that people may be afk, busy or otherwise unavailable at that time. Ask again a little later and you'll be sure to find someone who is willing to lend their aid.

People Above Pixels

As Get Off My Lawn is a multi-game guild, we find it essential that the community is placed well before the rewards of any one game's content. We have been around since 2006 and have managed to survive and thrive because our members have always been the defining characteristic of our guild. If you're just looking for someone to group with, there are many impersonal in-game tools to achieve that goal. If, on the other hand, you want to play and chat with like minded individuals at all different levels of experience, then come on down! We welcome those new to gaming as well as those with years of knowledge under their belts. Teaching, theory crafting and good times are all given freely to those expressing interest and a good attitude.

Application Process

So if Get Off My Lawn still sounds like the hoot-nanny you've been looking for, then please proceed to our application thread and tell us a little bit about yourself (the real you, not your toon!). Please be sure to include answers to the following two questions within your app or you will be mocked for your inability to follow directions. 1) what was the name of the first album you ever owned 2) what is your favorite color.

Thanks for your interest in our senior moment. In case of a cougar cruise calamity, please run around in a panic as if you were standing in fire. This way, one of our fine healers will know where to rez you once the encounter has concluded.

Application thread info:

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your reason for applying to . A lack of quality application will delay your interview while we poke and prod the details out of you with a pointy stick. Here are some great topic examples that would help us get to know you better!

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. Now get cracking and amuse us until the Matlock reruns begin!

  1. Follow this link to the applicants category on our forums: Applicants to Get Off My Lawn
  2. Click on the 'Sign Up' button at the top of the page and follow the instructions to create a new account
  3. Log in using your new account and return to the applicants category
  4. Click on the 'New Topic' button to start your application!